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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 8, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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am pam cook. >> you know steve knows everything about the weather? >> of course. >> well i try to, thank you pam, dave, we have mostly clear skies, even though it has been sunny and 70s for some to near 90s and 100, here is sal. interstate 880 is moving nicely getting to downtown oakland. also the morning commute northbound 280 near san jose as you drive down 17, no major problems, it is 6:00 let's go back to the desk. emotions ran high at a town hall meeting, angry residents lashed out at chevron ceos because of that fire. >> this is not the first time. you don't know how it is to have to fight for your breath, your breath. >> a lot of people said they are worried about their health.
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now the smoke sent 950 people to the hospital mostly for breathing problems. some of them demanded to know who would pay for cleaning up any contamination. >> i live in northeast richmond, we just got a beautiful park opening up this saturday, now it is polluted and toxic. >> some people defend them saying they provide jobs and benefits. they will reimburse cities and other public agencies that responsed on monday. they how to -- responded. chevron said they will take full responsibility for all legitimate responses to the fire. the number is (866)260-7881. now chevron provided a
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specific timeline and the chevron's fire chief said two hours before the fire emergency crews knew there was a problem. they first saw a leak coming out of an eight inch pipe. they started stripping away installation which showed a fire shortly after and the investigation continues. we created a special tab with all of our refinery coverage and you will find it right there on the front page at a neighbor helped two people get out of a santa rosa home after it caught fire early this morning. the fire happened on price avenue. >> yes, i physically went into the house, and helped them evacuate. >> firefighters say the fire started outside the home and spread to the attic. the cause of the fire is still
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under investigation. also under investigation livermore police say speed appears to be a fatal motorcycle crash. live at the scene with what led up to this deadly accident. well it is closed in the eastbound direction, it is cleaning up the roadway because it appears there is still some gas and oil and you can see they are still in the middle of the street there. it was closed for more than five hours and a police officer stumbled down in the roadway just after 12:30 this morning. he suffered traumatic injuries and an officer tried to resuscitate him. what is even more horrific, the ring is' brother just -- the victims brother just happened to be driving by. the accident does not appear to be a hit-and-run.
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>> a witness told us she was traveling east on the boulevard and the motorcycle list passed her -- motorcyclist passed her at a high rate of speed. >> do you think he simply failed to negotiate a turn? >> yes, that is what it looked like. >> and the coroner now has done an autopsy on the body and his name is not being released until all of his family has been notified. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. san jose is welcoming its latest upscale card room. they are holding a ribbon cutting ceremony in just two hours from now and i know the card room is only opening for a day. a lot of people are taking part in the card rooms and now the casino was supposed to open in
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april but it took several months and now the ribbon cutting ceremony took place and the casino opened to the public yesterday. it was supposed to be a private event for family and friends but so many people showed up they just opened to the public. now they join me now to tell me what is taking place this morning. what is taking place? >> the ribbon cutting, we are inviting guests in and we are inviting the newest most exciting game being experience. the vice-mayor will be here, county supervisors, leaders in the business community and a lot of customers and friends. >> why did they consider it five years ago. well gordon city, it was
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great for it's time the security, everything from top to bottom is brand-new, state- of-the-art, las vegas style. >> reporter: i'm sorry, the police cited security concerns throughout the permit process and how can you secure this is -- how can you assure this is a safe place. >> we deal with them on a daily basis and everybody's security, we want to make sure it is a safe place for anybody who want to come here. >> of course the ribbon cutting is actually taking place at 8:00 again. matt keller ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:06 hundreds of people gathered to remember the seek worshipers shot and killed inside their temple.
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. people from all faiths prayed for the victims. the police chief spoke as well and he said he had a meyers the peaceful reaction of the seek community. that gunman had died. the seek temple at lake a elizabeth has a vigil between 7 and 830 and another temple between 8 and 9:30 and seek temple between 8 and 9:00 p.m. they will close a loophole on california assault weapons. he wants to ban those who can be fired like assault weapons. followed like the assault, gun
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owners group say it is unnecessary and unconstitutional. coming up at of 615. how many are being reported and what is being done to keep them from being reported again. how is it doing out there, it has been relatively quiet, sal? for the most part we don't have anything major obstructing our work and the interstate appears to be moving well driving passed the coliseum and driving through oakland and 580 as well, you are off to a decent start and no major problems. at the toll plaza, there is a little bit of a backup and they
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turned those metering lights on and another ten minutes. we had talked about the bay bridge, south so bound northbound 101, 17 is getting a lot of use but no major problems on the way to the south bay. here is steve. thank you, a little system is moving to the north into lake county and a couple can be for the morning. mostly fog free, there is a little bit of patchy fog and high pressure continues to work its way back. it is spinning around some tropical clouds, keep that in mind there is a possibility of thunder bumpers and some very warm hair a -- aloft and even
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though temperatures are high it is not as nice as it was a couple of hours ago and it stays in the 60s and 70s, 48 napa airport. west southwest 13 only at fairfield, a little stronger sea breeze towards core deal in and black diamond at 1600 feet. there is a little breeze at some of the higher elevations. it looks like highs are just working itself in there and inland temperatures continue to warm up. sunny and warmer rich mop 74, -- richmond 74. 94 concord, berkeley 75, 85 sunny veil, san jose 86,
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towards saratoga 80s, 60s on the coast, 70s and 80s woodside and it looks like a mix to either warm to hot thursday to friday, saturday about the same and a little cooler on sunday. all right, california lawmakers are taking actions to help improve the lives of boys and young men of color. also, a disturbing new report about ers in california. and a threat on twitter puts new york city police on high alert, they are having twitter style communication in the big apple.
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. twitter has hand over information, the subpoena comes after somebody on twitter posted a message saying quote, this ain't no joke i am serious, people are going -- people are going to die like those in aurora. last month in aurora tim collins 12 people were -- in aurora, 12 people were killed during a movie called the dark knight rises. and volunteers can register at the burnett elementary school between 8:00 and 9:00
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this morning. sierra lemar disappeared on march 16th on her way to school. garcia torres is due in court on august 29, the man accused of killing her. and international airport, they have one of the largest numbers of close calls of all airports across the country. scott mcfarland has more on what fso is doing to improve their runways, scott? >> reporter: we found 13 runway incursions at fso in just the past year and each time there was ample time and distance to avoid a collision and in each case a plane was sitting where it should not have been. and in jfk, it is raising some concern and in light of the disaster, in 2007 when two planes nearly smashed together. safety groups are concerned and
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so many of these are incursions concerning 954 in 2011 alone. >> any time you encroach upon a runway that another airplane is taking off on, it creates a potential safety issue. the real question is how far over the line did you cross, did you cross over the line or 100 feet? >> there was ample distance at fso runway incursions and they are inn stalling a runway system to avert future mishaps to complete by 2015. scott mcfarland, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and emergency rooms are in critical condition themselves. and from uc san francisco, it says 92% of all hospitals are affected by ambulance diversions and that's when one
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hospital says it's so busy it can't accept another patient and sends other ambulances to another hospital. the problem is caused by some hospital shutting down their emergency departments and this then there is a skyrocketing demand for other services. they don't have insurances but they wait until a relatively minor problem is much more serious. a four-year-old was hit by an suv in contra cost terrible county and it happened friday night in pittsburgh. he was crossing the street with a woman who by the i was also hit. she was able to walk to the ambulance. the injured boy was taken to uc davis medical center in sacramento. the driver is cooperating with police. he told police the sun blinded his eyes. new this morning, egyptian helicopters fired missiles in
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northern egypt near the border with is real. they are responsible for the attack two days ago which killed 16 border guards. according to the airstrike they killed 20 militants. they are escaping the escalating violence in syria. thousands crossed into jordan and lebanon. the fighting continues, and thousands of syrians are leaving their country seeking safety. they are now calling on other countries to help provide basic necessity to the refugee camps. lawmakers will talk about helping to improve the lives of boys and young men of color. they will provide a list of recommendations in sacramento that includes legislative proposal to access to healthcare and keep students in
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school. andre helped to create this community to deal with issues affecting young boys and men of color. the committee incorporated suggestions that were held all over the state for the past 18 months. and sal, we will check in on the morning commute, sal? dave, pam, things are getting busier this morning but nothing major just yet, we are looking at chp, and this is a look at the commute, you can see it looks pretty good getting to the tunnel, there are no major problems as you look at things and we have not had that many collisions which is good. let's move along and take a look at the toll plaza, here it is and there is a little bit of a backup in some of those left lanes and that's about all as you get into san francisco. and the traffic here looks pretty good if you are driving
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from hayward to fremont, it is still a decent drive as you head south. let's go to steve. mostly clear, some patchy fog, kind of cool for some, i just tweeted out, sonoma airport 48 degrees and south lake tahoe 48 degrees. a few high clouds, men dean -- men seen know and lake count -- mendocino and lake counties, a little bit of patchy fog, but it will be sunny and nice 85 degrees and there is a few things going against being so hot today but some suggests a slight warmup near 100 degrees. it is a little cool here no doubt about it, a little system is moving to the north and each day temperatures inland have been and coming up so it looks hot inland and we are not
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seeing that northeast wind giving a big warmup. patchy fog for most, not for all. there will be a couple. 60s and 70s and 8. >> s and -- 80s and 90s on temperatures and saturday we will have a cool down. we are using the bay area as a test for same day delivery and they let shoppers make a purchase and hit the bring it button. that sends it to aquaria is your -- can you your -- courier service. a vacation in hawaii takes a tragic turn, the accident that claimed the life of away
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behind the other jetskier a 20- year-old man remains in serious condition. they are investigating a bizarre incident. a six-year-old was clinging to a corps in a lake. two boaters heard the child and managed to pull her to safety. they took the girl when something went wrong. there will be an autopsy to determine whether the woman drowned or suffered a medical emergency. and they all went off without a hitch. mayor chuck reid went to a block party at a bible way christiansen terrible. burglaries are up 58% and police staffing is at an all time low. >> we need to get together, organize and work together because you can improve this area and improve your lives. >> we caught up with mayor jean quan at one of the events.
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she said it strengthens neighborhood spirit and resolve. national night out with 37 million people started last year. and woody allen continues to film a scene at the winery in l-berg. now on monday, allan shot a daytime party scene in best dear. he will -- bell of dear. it is said to be about a wealthy new york woman who is forced to move in with her sister in san francisco after falling on hard times. sal, here is more on where he will need to get you to where you need to go. we are looking at some of the freeways and the traffic is doing well to this 17 / 880
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interchange and it stays that way into the valley. also the morning commute is moving a long relatively well out of the pleasanton area approaching dublin, 626 let's go back to steve. we have a few high clouds, mild to warm to hot depending on how closer to the coast and if you are, 60s and #0s. the time is 6:26, the world trade is still under construction and what we found out about a fire on the 88th floor. plus -- we are going to tell you about the hearing along the eastern span of the bay bridge. >> they eat from the garden and what contamination are they going to get. we hear high emotions from
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the refinery fire and the big issues people are worried about. pam will bring you the early stock numbers on wall street.
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. what goes together, teens and shopping. it is just in honor of my oldest daughter. yikes, they are celebrating back to school shopping, $68 billion in sales last year, back to school shopping only second to christmas and back to school saturday, they are calling it style and fashion and retailers are hoping for teens to drag their moms in and
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go shopping. we will smile and go middle of the week now, it is august 8th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. as the investigation and clean up continues at the refinery, people living there are expressing their emotions and claudine wong has more on that and a closer look by air quality officials, claudine? >> reporter: well, we moved over to hemsly and you can see the refinery which is about a mile from where we are. according to this report by the bay area, air quality district, this is where the first air sample was taken about 7:30 p.m. this is the only location and there were several others. i want to show you a map so you
6:32 am
can take a look at where the air was tested. this is the air quality management district and you can see the refinery on the left of your screen, the closest thumb tack is where they were located and you will see several other pins. san pablo and martinez, the conclusion from taking all the samples where they fountain rouse compounds is the tests show minimal impacts where the pollution was well below the federal health standards and that's little comfort for the more than 1,000 people who felt sick enough to go to emergency rooms. >> it is not happening in your neighborhood. could you explain to me how do you feel when you go to the hospital crying on your deathbed fighting for your breath? >> reporter: as you can hear from that woman, lots of anger
6:33 am
in richmond. air quality officials say there will be long time monitoring continuing and every official at that meeting said there were investigations and reviews underway. time was not clear and hazardous materials ceo said he will get another report tomorrow. >> they will submit a 72 hour report to us and that will be by 5:00 on thursday. >> reporter: there will be more community outreach a lot of anger at that meeting and there were more apologies from the owners of the refinery. he said he will go through a claims process and he talked about the continuing conversations with residents, live, claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. chevron said they will take full responsibility for all legitimate medical and property expenses related to the refinery fire.
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the hotline number is on your screen, (866)260-7881. many community members are also critical for how long it took for chevron to issue a warning. there was a 10 minute gap until they triggered an alert. officials say they considered it a fast response but many disagree. >> when i first seen it, i disagreed and when i had to call, that is when i heard the sirens, 10 minutes later. >> we could help our children and our people who have asthma and wheelchairs and get them safely somewhere and that didn't happen. >> they tell the contra coster times he received an automated warning call three hours later and he calls the warning system
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a disaster. and with all the refinery coverage, you will find it right on our front page, we have new information from new york city about reports of a fire at one world trade center in new york city. two hours ago somebody called and said there was a fire on the 88th floor of the building which is currently under construction. there was a camera on the top of the building and that camera on top of the building took the picture but a spokesperson with port authority said it was a false alarm. the sky scraper is expected to be completed in 2014. back here in the bay area, firefighters quickly put out a car fire in panola. flames were coming out of a car on emma drive. firefighters put the fire out
6:36 am
and there is no word on the cause of the fire and no injuries have been reported. there is concern about the new eastern bay bridge and it will be address by lawmakers. they are there now to tell us about a state sent nate hearing for next week. they are looking at potential structural issues on the new eastern span of the bay bridge and it is undergone trucks right now. they reported a cal trans team intentionally modified test data. they talked about seismic work after a rogue state inspector faked test results on another local bridge but the agency in charge of oversight are
6:37 am
downplaying false test data and that's it -- that it is irresponsible. they will have to convince lawmakers of that next tuesday. one of the bay area lawmakers involved said he will be calling for a third-party to scrutinize those numbers antigen rate an unbiased assessment. it will cost 10s of millions in extra construction costs and potentially could delay the opening of the bay bridge which is slated to traffic 2013. live on treasure island, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the bay area's newest casino is open for business. they will hold an official ribbon cutting ceremony and they are in san jose with what this means for the city. >> reporter: well it could mean some big bucks because garden
6:38 am
casino brought in 7 million in tax revenue every year so matt tricks said they will bring in 10 million in revenue to the city. the ribbon cutting is about to start and a lot of people are already gambling at the casino neigh may tricks. it really stands out because of the lights. this is the corner boulevard from highway 101 and we spoke with people about their reaction to the casino. >> it looks really nice especially at night when you see all the lights and stuff. >> reporter: final inspections by the city were done on monday a little more than a week after the police chief approved the permit. they are proved a prose poe sal to allow -- proposal to allow gambling but it is only allowed on the ground floor. it starts at 7:45 with several
6:39 am
city council members. reporting live ktvu channel 2 morning news. sal is back, he will get you to where you need to go. that's right, things are crowded around the bay area and we will start looking at 80 westbound, traffic continues to move well heading out to the mcarthur maze, no major problems and we had a stalled vehicle on the upper deck of the bay bridge, he did a good job, the sun is blocking the picture but there is a moderate delay. we have been looking at the san mateo dumbarton bridge and those look good and as you drive to the upper east shore, we are looking at 680 from the venetia bridge, 6:42 let's go to steve. the last couple of days by 11:00 clock, some are hanging
6:40 am
onto the san mateo coast, a little system to the north, clipping men seen know county and high pressure, moving it back. the western edge has been warming up inland areas and also sending tropical clouds mainly near the southern central sierra and you can get some thunder showers over the next couple of days. it is actually 3 to 5 degrees cooler but there is a big old high pressure system sitting on top of us at the surface. 40s and 50s, mid-50s for some but temperatures on the cool side will be warm to hot and there is a system with the big high coming in and all signs point towards inland temperatures not so much by the coast. patchy fog will burn off inland not too bad around the bay, if you are well inland near 100
6:41 am
degrees for some, concord 95, 75 berkeley, 95 pleasanton and 72 in alameda. morgan hill to gilroy, mostly they settle into the 60s and 70s and upper to low 80s. it does look hot and it is about the same, sunday looks to be a little cooler. >> thank steve. time now 6:40, a champion confesses to cheating. the illegal underwater move, why he didn't get caught. live in livermore, police come across a fatal motorcycle crash and we will tell you what caused the accident. and on 80 westbound, it is getting more crowded to a crowded bay bridge toll plaza and we will tell you what made it even worse this morning.
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one day after that big chevron refinery fire, they talked about health fears. air quality officials say the air in contra coster county said the air has been tested and is safe.
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and a new federal aviation official said there were 13 runway incursions in 2011 and that's an incident war planes could possibly collide. runway lighting will be improved. tracking overnight news out of livermore where police are investigating a fatal motorcycle accident and tara moriarty is on the scene with what caused the crash, tara? >> reporter: well the roadway is finally clear after being shut down for nearly 6 hours. if you take a look behind me it happened where the chalk marks are and she discovered the motorcyclist lying in the roadway and tried to resuscitate him but it was tragically too late. the victim's brother also happened to be driving by saw the police lights and stopped. he then learned of the fatal crash. police were looking for witnesses to see if this was a
6:46 am
hit-and-run but after hours of investigating they believe speeding played a major role in the accident. >> it was a slight curve, he collided with a sound wall and bounced off that and went into the roadway. >> they will perform an autopsy on the body and the victim's family will not release his name until they are all notified. and an olympic champion swimmer, will he be allowed to keep his gold medal? he won the 100-meter swim and the rules allowed 1 dolphin like kick but he confessed to several kicks. he said it's not the moral
6:47 am
thing to do but he claims other swimmers were cheating as well. and they won a gold medal on the floor exercise and a bronze on the beam. she was going to finish 4th until she successfully appealed the judge's scoring system. and chris began the british olympian with his 6th career gold medal. he is named the real mccoy. and misty may trainer and kerry walsh, i love them, they will go for three in a row against fellow americans in women's beach volleyball. now here is the count, united states won a bronze metal in women's boxing, china leads with 73 followed by the united states with 71. great britain and russia have 48 each and germany rounds out the top 5.
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the government accountability office, is measuring radiation. theth court of appeals -- 9th court of appeals will require them to disclose how much radiation cell phones emit. dennis kucinich is making a new ordinance to make sure they carry warnings on how much radiation cell phones are carrying. the traffic is backed up and one of the things we did find out was things will improve and it was not a big deal. it was not a crash or anything. let's take a look at westbound san mateo bridge with no major problems all the way to the peninsular. we are seeing more slowed
6:49 am
traffic to el cerrito but it is not that bad so far. patchy fog out there, very shallow, there was hardly anything, but it has been patterned to 6:00 to 8:00 although by noon it is gone so it is not going to be that much, warmer. upper 40s for some and i have seen actually 43. valley ford had 49 degrees and oakland airport 51 stanford 51 also, and a little system is working its way into tremendous resistance and that's that domeel high pressure which has been large and in charge for the longest time. we have a lot of things going against the heat up today but i am saying with the party line, sunny and warmer for those away
6:50 am
from the coast but about the same closer to it. upper 90s to near 100 degrees that will be right on the lake at clear lake. 96 fairfield and walnut creek 94 with a west wind, berkeley 75 but brentwood antioch open discovery bay, san jose 86, fremont 84, brisbane meadow park nice to hot. inland temperatures should pop out on friday and it looks cooler and warm to hot by sunday. it is the largest fine every imposed. america could have to pay $156 million on a variety on its planes. the previous record was 24
6:51 am
million also paid for maintenance violations. that was paid a year ago. they are teaming up with the mobile company square, and that will put square across many locations and mobile payments could become mainstream. you know the circus is in town but there is a potential showdown, why some elephants will be the focus of a protest. and the man was received in male, why the flat screen television he ordered. [ crow] wow, that is big. big, big, big. [ male announcer ] nailed it. "paranorman," from the makers of "coraline." in theaters august 17th. rated pg.
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. dow jones industrial average is doesn't, s&p 500 and nasdaq is slipping a little bit and mcdonald's is disappointing many with its report. and shock for a washington d.c. man when his mail was delivered. he ordered a flat screen television through a third- party seller but the delivery man dropped off a semiautomatic rifle. or bits called police confiscated the weapon and launched an investigation. >> they took my investigation and they said we will take the weapon because it is illegal to
6:55 am
keep here and transport in a car and it can't be returned. >> now the invoice order inside the box indicated it should have been sent to a pennsylvania gunshot. the efforts to reach amazon and third party seller were not successful. happening right now, mitt romney is appearing in iowa. the candidate is speaking in out upcoming presidential election. president barack obama will make a three day campaign swing next week. mitt romney heads to new jersey where he makes a fun razor and chris christie -- fund razor and chris christie will be raising money for romney. the president will once again call on congress to extend tax cuts for the middle- class and he will talk about
6:56 am
how the healthcare plan has improved insurance coverage for women. police are now searching for two men who broke into a house and beat and shot a man inside. it happened yesterday morning on week street. the two men attacked the victim, shot him in a shoulder and drove off in a nissan altima. if you have any information call east palo alto police. san francisco mayor ed lee is backing away from a controversial policy that would allow the police to stop and frisk people. the plan will encourage racial profiling. he instead wants to focus on traditional strategies and use crime tracking software to stop gun violence. his pit bull attacked a police horse at christie field. the attack happened in the area
6:57 am
at about 2:30 yesterday afternoon. he was told to take control of the off leash doing but he refused. the dog bit a police horse and the horse kicked the dog. the dog is expected to recover and animal control has custody of that dog. animal rights activists plan to talk about the mistreatment of elephants at the circus. barn mum bailey was standing bias they walked them into the arena. and it is not pretty. we had a couple of stalled vehicles and now we have slowed traffic on the approach to the bridge. it is slower than it normally is and 880 is also slowed. we are slow on 101 from 280 and they are decent alternates for
6:58 am
the time being. patchy fog, it should be gone by around 11:00 and 12:00. it is still warm inland to 90s and to near 100 degrees. >> thank you very much, coming up next, lingering, following that refinery fire, we will have more on the town hall meeting and the results of the air quality tests in contra coster. we will have the business results, stay right here with us.
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